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Im back... Again

2014-10-11 13:06:01 by Cartridgeboy

Hello ^_^ sorry i haven't posted anything but for those who care (which i doubt there is any) i have been drawing but not digitally -_- so you don't get to see... I'll be uploading more stuff really soon as as promised that one piece picture will be finished. also i'm gonna start drawing more women that just Rosalina because I've gotten sick of drawing Rosalina. If you have any special requests for anime or video game characters i'll be happy to draw them for you. They just wont be done in a prompt manner, but it's free and i'll have fun doing it. Thanks to all you for looking everything i do.


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2014-10-11 18:28:56

Cool can't wait :D maybe you could draw Chell from Portal ...

Cartridgeboy responds:

Omg i'd love to draw Chell ^_^ i think i will