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2014-09-14 11:37:54 by Cartridgeboy

So i'll be turning 17 soon and it got me thinking. Every year i get older people seem less impressed with the art i make. I guess it's expected for an older person to be makeing higher quality stuff than the rest . I'm just not improving at the rate i'd like too.


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2014-09-14 13:55:53

Well, just for you to know, i have a 18yo friend who can't even draw a CIRCLE without screwing it all. Seriously, that guy must have some brain issues (he also think that Fairy Tail is better than One Piece, pffffft).

Cartridgeboy responds:

lol ^_^ there must be something wrong with him if he thinks Fairy Tails better than One Piece. Plus i don't like comparing myself to people who have no interest art.


2014-09-15 07:24:18

It's not that people are less impressed with your art, it's that you are less impressed with your art. Since you spend more time with your art than anyone else will, you know the flaws and problems of your work that no one would notice without it getting pointed out to them.

Also the rate you improve is supposed be be slow, as it's slow for everyone. If you wish to make massive leaps in you're work in a short time, then you're kind of out of luck.

Of course an older person has higher quality stuff because they've been drawing and painting for so long. You aren't born really good at art, but you practice it all the time.

You won't notice your artistic growth because you will experience every tiny step in the process, so it seems like you aren't improving, but if you look at your work from a year ago, you see a massive difference. You may have had different thoughts, interests and experiences reflected in your art back then. Last year you probably were interested in drawing ladies, and maybe this year you now like drawing monsters, and the next year you'll probably love making monster ladies. You will never exactly know where you're art will take you tomorrow!

It's never bad to try out something different, even if it's akward and difficult, if you work through it, you can make those improvements that you want.

It's all a matter of practice, patience, and determination.
Maybe some stubbornness could help too.

Cartridgeboy responds:

^_^ i completely agree. im gonna get to work right away on... something! Thanks.


2014-10-03 16:06:33

I'd have to disagree with you. Seeing your submission of the girl with the purple shirt and hat, it seems like your shading has gotten better. Just getting to the point you've reached, where you've mastered the basics of perspective, coloring, and shading (at the least), you should be proud. Go ahead and check out my artwork I submitted here. Most of it is the same way I've been drawing since I was in third grade (granted, I don't draw as much anymore), but you can see that nearly all the faces in the pictures are facing directly forward or directly left. I could never get the proportions right to do much otherwise. You've gone beyond this to where you can draw as you please, what you please. Like what MastaFran said below, I think you need to challenge yourself. Do a completely different style than what you are used to. Maybe try your hand at comics, background art, nature scenes, abstract art, mix two characters from tv together into one, pictures with a twist (like perhaps one of the woman I see in your drawings, they're looking down in fright because the bottom of the picture is beginning to lose its color, as if it were fading away like a ghost). Try doing commissions, which would force you to draw different things than your used to while giving you experience and money back. Try giving your pictures a unique look that you'd see in hand-drawn painting like in watercoloring or marker. Maybe even try your hand at sprite animation, be an artist for an animation, or anything. You won't improve quickly if you don't try new things. You're art is great, but if you really want to notice an increase in your artistic skill in general, try a lot of different things. Good luck!