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Im back

2014-07-29 17:55:36 by Cartridgeboy

wow i posted a bunch of shit and just left ^_^ but im back now and i wont stop posting stuff untill i get bored of drawing. Im still working on a lot of crap that idk how to do but it's coming together slowly. So yeah


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2014-09-08 14:54:52

NOOOO! >:( When you get bored of drawing, life will become a little more sad for me. So please don't! And by the way, if you try to draw some epic and badass art (like.. i don't know, a robot, a dinosaur, or a robot riding a dinosaur), i'm sure it would turn out to be so f*cking cool! :D And good luck with your projects.

Cartridgeboy responds:

Lol ok ^_^ i don't plan on stopping anytime soon.